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  • You would like to negotiate a better role / package with your employer.
  • You just joined a company and want to position yourelf for success early in the game.
Ali, 39 years old
Ali, 39 years old
Senior Project Manager

I was thrilled when Hamza accepted me in this coaching program.
I would say that it has increased my chances to get a great role in Dubai by 50%. In less than 3 months I joined a large Airline Company here. That was beyond my expectations in terms of coaching and the speed with which we accomplished our goal.
Thank you so much once again!

Sophia, 26 years old
Sophia, 26 years old
Responsable Qualité

Cela faisait 5 mois que j’étais à la recherche d'un emploi, période pendant laquelle je n'avais eu qu'un seul entretien. J'ai refais mon CV avec ton aide et en même pas 3 semaines j'ai obtenu un poste dans une entreprise où j'avais déjà postulé au début de ma recherche d'emploi (avec mon ancien CV) et où l'on ne m'avait pas appelé. Retravailler avec toi sur mon CV m'a aidé à faire un réel bilan sur ce que j'avais accompli lors de mes précédentes missions et sur mes compétences, (ce qui m'a également permis d’être plus sure de moi et d'avoir des arguments lors de mon entretien) tout en rendant mon profil plus attractif sur le papier.

Karim, 29 Years Old, Network Engineer
Karim, 29 Years Old, Network Engineer

I was looking for a job for 7 months before working with Hamza and I had no results! I was demotivated and I even thought about going back to my country.
The most difficult part for me was to admit that I may need a coach to help me... But it was the best thing that I've done in Dubai.
With Hamza, what I liked was that we built a real relationship because he tried to understand me, my situation, and he gave me invaluable advices. He was always behind me, motivating me.
On top of his coaching, Hamza also gave me access to his video series. They are very effective, clear and there was a lot examples. The combination of both his coaching and the training videos was really powerful.
And finally, I had more results in 2 months with hamza than in 7 months by my own. I started in June during Ramadan, and I found a job in August. After 2 months and a half I had a very good opportunity in a big multinational, with even 25% more on my salary than I expected.
So I just want to say a huge thank you to Hamza and good luck to you.

Benjamin, 38 years old – Property Consultant
Benjamin, 38 years old – Property Consultant

With 15 years in the same company, I needed to learn the process of looking for a job efficiently especially as I was new in the country.
I've found Hamza and together we've worked on my career goals in regards to what I wanted to do, my profile and job search and interview techniques, negotiation, etc...
Day after day I was able to see the improvements.
Today, I'm working in a great company that matches all of my requirements and what I've learned will be useful till my retirement 🙂

Karima, 29 years old – Marketing Analyst
Karima, 29 years old – Marketing Analyst

I have been looking for a job for a year, I had a large amount of interviews with no success... I knew I had to do something drastic so I decided to opt for a career coach...
Believe me this decision has changed my life for ever!!! Hamza taught me unique and powerful techniques to make me shine throughout my job search. Working with Hamza allowed me to make a great impact during my job interviews like never before...
I applied these methods thoroughly and got a great offer in the industry I have been targeting... only 1 month after I signed up with Hamza!
He supported me at every step of the recruitment process and I gained a lot of confidence. But beyond the technics I learnt, I had the chance to work with a genuine and pragmatic coach who has the ability to take your career to the next level at a time I was getting really demotivated.
Guys do not wait, just go for it, you won't look back!

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