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Live Coaching with Hamza Zaouali

3 hours / month
Could be used for any of my coaching services

  • Free 1 month access to the complete "CV Writing + LinkedIn Mastery" Video Course (22 step by step videos - Value = USD 189)

  • Satisified Or Your Money Back
  • Cancel Anytime - No Minimum Terms
  • Downgrade or Pause Anytime

$639 / month


Live Coaching with Hamza Zaouali

6 hours / month
Could be used for any of my coaching services

  • Free 1 month access to the complete "CV Writing + LinkedIn Mastery" Video Course (22 step by step videos - Value = USD 189)

  • Satisified Or Your Money Back
  • Downgrade or Pause Anytime
  • Cancel Anytime - No Minimum Terms

$947 / month

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About your coach

Hamza helps ambitious professionals find a job they really love and earn more money!

Before becoming a career coach, Hamza has been a recruiter for 13 years. He has recruited for employers across several sectors and industries, in 3 continents, and for SME's, Multinationals and Gov Institutions. So he understand how HR Works!

Hamza is also an employer and has recruited for himself as well as for his clients. So he knows how employers think! Hamza still owns to this day a recruitment company and is still very much in touch with the employment market.

More Testimonials

BenjaminSenior Consultant

With 15 years in the same company, I needed to learn the process of looking for a job efficiently especially as I was new in the country.I've found Hamza and together we've worked on my career goals in regards to what I wanted to do, my profile and job search and interview techniques, negotiation, etc...Day after day I was able to see the improvements.Today, I'm working in a great company that matches all of my requirements and what I've learned will be useful till my retirement :)

Head of Marketing

Before I worked with Hamza, I was so demotivated within my current role, I was ready to take any opportunity that would take me out of this environment. Hamza's coaching was crucial and literally rebuilt my self esteem. His methodology and job search techniques challenge your entire mindset and help you see further than your current situation. I was able to overcome my fear and step out of my confort zone in order to find my dream job. I would recommend Hamza to anyone who feels misunderstood and starts loosing self confidence. He is the one who leads you to a proper action plan that will give you the strength you need to become the unique profile any headhunter is looking for.Thank you again Hamza.

Snr IT Specialist

Before working with Hamza, I was looking for a job for 7 months and I had no result! The most difficult part for me was to admit that I may need a coach to help me... But it was the best thing that I've done in Dubai. The combination of both his coaching and the training videos was really powerful. After 2.5 months I had a very good opportunity in a big multinational, with even 25% more on my salary than I expected. So I just want to say a huge THANK YOU Hamza.


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