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Quick question... Aren't you tired of it?
I mean putting all your heart and soul in sending your best job application and NOT HEARING BACK? (or receiving these annoying generic responses and nothing after!)

And let me guess... you feel you've tried everything already... (I know that feeling...)

  • You've read every online article and watched tons of videos to improve your results.
  • You spoke to HR professionals and followed their advice on changing your resume.
  • You've tried to network with your friends that promised to get back to you but... 
  • And maybe you've even read a book about job search, that at the end bored you to death.

So why doesn't it work??? I mean you have found work before, so now that you have more experience, why is it more difficult?! (And for every job advertised, someone almost always gets the job, so why not you?)

Because the game has changed. And employers are more and more selective and sophisticated in their approach, which unfortunately leaves amazing talent just like you on the sideline if they don't adapt quickly...

As a career coach focusing on the topic of job search and an international recruiter for the past 16 years, I work with professionals like you on a weekly basis! And as an Employer for the past 10 years, I see the topic of job search from every angle!

But coaching is expensive and is absolutely not for everyone.
Besides, the job search formula is always the same, regardless of the job seeker's level or situation... So there is no need to pay a coach in most cases! The truth is, if it wasn't the same formula that I simply improved over the years, there is no way I'd achieve 92% success rate in helping job seekers find their dream job. Only a predictable and lean formula can do that... (And yes I said 92% success rate!)
With students and past clients in over 150 countries, my job search formula has had plenty of time to mature and prove itself!

"Most job hunting books are BORING!"
That's what many professionals told me when I said I would write a book about my job search formula... and there are so right... Most books are dry with tons of tips here and there but in no way takes into consideration the emotional ups and down that a job search inevitably brings about!

So for the past 3 years, I vowed to write (and rewrite... and rewrite...) a book that was different from all the other job hunting books out there... a book with stringent requirements:

  • A Complete (A to Z) job search formula, from resume writing and job search 2.0, all the way up to interview preparation and salary negotiation!
  • An inspiring and suspenseful story that job seekers actually identify to!
  • A guide with every email template, scripts and tools you will need, along with little known hack you won't find online!
  • And finally, a job search book that brings immediate and tangible results on both your motivation and your current job hunt!

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"Most job seekers don't read books, they don't have time for that!"

Even today, despite the consistent 5-star comments on Amazon and Good Reads added on a weekly basis, and having been nominated for the Readers' Choice award 2020 (among 1000s of books), I know most job seekers will bounce off this page and go back to where they were... hoping that things will change without changing much from their side...

Either way, before you make a decision to purchase the book or not, please read the first 3 chapters... (completely free and immediate access).
I have written "The Job Seeker & The Coach" for professionals just like you, please take it as the author extending a hand towards you. I hope you will take it.

Your decision today could set a chain reaction you will never forget. Don't leave this for tomorrow, today still matters.

See you in the story!

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Nico Lkn

"Probably the most disruptive job search formula in the market today"!

Nicolas Deflaux, founder of, and serial recruitment entrepreneur.


When Lisa loses her job, she only has four weeks to find work or leave the country. With her savings account empty and her VISA dependent on finding employment, her situation is dire.

After connecting with an enigmatic career coach, she discovers job search tools, methods, scripts, and techniques she has never heard of. As her job search progresses with every new discovery, little does she know that her work with the coach will also change the way she sees herself, the job market, and her career forever.

Inspired by a true story, Lisa’s journey is both a suspenseful tale, and a self-help guide that will help YOU fast-track your job search and stand out from the competition with a series of proven formulas and little-known “hacks.” What started as a series of job search coaching sessions turns out to be an eye opener into the hiring world and a step-by-step formula to truly stand out from the crowd.

Lisa's job search serves as a step-by-step guide and a classic case study on how to:    

  1. Generate more calls from employers with a 100% proven Resume Writing Formula    
  2. Secure more job interviews than the competition thanks to little-known Job Search Hacks
  3. Nail every job interview, (and tackle the most difficult questions) with the 3 S's method!

A powerful 3-step salary negotiation technique to boost your personal finances from day one!

Lisa is an American, conducting her job hunt in Dubai, a sunny, thriving trade hub which offers VISAs conditional on employment – and no unemployment allowance she can use as a parachute.

As Lisa's coaching sessions progress, she finds that the coach’s teachings about how to reach employers and impress them are universal, timeless, and perfectly apply to the American, European and Asian labor markets.


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