General Terms and Conditions

Name Your Career is a brand of IRIS GROUP FZ LLE, a coaching firm registered in the UAE, license # 2099/2012/BVZ.

1. Scope
The following General Terms and Conditions shall govern the contractual relationship between the party ordering seminars, courses, conferences and other events (hereinafter referred to as “event”) and IRIS GROUP FZ LLE. Any delegate’s general terms and conditions that diverge herefrom shall have no legal force.
The “General Information” enclosed with the conference programme shall also apply.

2. Registration / Confirmation of Registration
You can register by the Internet or e-mail. Registration shall become legally binding when confirmed by us. Notification that registration has occurred shall not constitute confirmation. Any processing timescales referred to shall not be binding.

3. Cancellations
If the event cannot take place because of force majeure or for good cause (e.g. because of illness of the speaker or insufficient number of delegates), the delegates shall be informed immediately. The event fee shall in this case be refunded. No claims beyond this shall be entertained, especially for reimbursement of travel and
accommodation costs and lost working time, unless such costs are attributable to gross negligence on the part of the IRIS GROUP FZ LLE.
IRIS GROUP FZ LLE reserves the right to replace advertised speakers by others and to make necessary changes to the event programme, preserving the overall character of the event. In the event of any disruptions arising, IRIS GROUP FZ LLE shall take all reasonable steps to contribute to rectification or containment of the malfunction.

4. Payment Date, Mode, Delay and Setoff
The attendance fees are stated in the particular conference programme.
The attendance fee shall be payable on registration. Payment may not be made by sending cash or cheques; IRIS GROUP FZ LLE shall not be liable in the event of loss. If the attendance fee has not been received by IRIS GROUP FZ LLE by the start of the event, the party placing the order shall not be entitled to attend the event.

5. Copyright
The conference documentation is protected by copyright. The conference documentation may be duplicated, distributed and otherwise used only with the express written consent of IRIS GROUP FZ LLE.

6. Liability
The events are carefully prepared and presented by qualified authors and speakers.
IRIS GROUP FZ LLE accepts no liability for the currency, correctness and completeness in respect of conference documentation and implementation of the event.

7. E-mail
If the party placing the order gives IRIS GROUP FZ LLE an e-mail address, it consents to IRIS GROUP FZ LLE sending it information by e-mail without restriction.

8. Data protection
IRIS GROUP FZ LLE protects your personal data. IRIS GROUP FZ LLE shall treat the data provided by delegates as confidential, and use it only as provided by the statutory data protection provisions. Personal data are all data stored in association with the name. The data provided by the delegate / party placing the order (forename, surname, delivery address and invoice address and e-mail address shall be stored in the subscriber / delegate file and used by IRIS GROUP FZ LLE and passed to the service providers responsible, where necessary. In the absence of any alternative stipulation by the party placing the order, it shall in future be informed by IRIS GROUP FZ LLE of its events and contacted by fax, e-mail or telephone as applicable. IRIS GROUP FZ LLE shall take the greatest possible precautions for the safety of your data. In addition, the enclosed data protection declaration shall apply.

9. Applicable Law, Place of Jurisdiction and Place of Fulfilment
UAE law shall apply. The place of fulfilment and place of jurisdiction shall be Dubai, where permitted by law.

10. Separability Clause
Should any provision contained in these conditions be or become ineffective or should a loophole become apparent, the effectiveness of the remaining provisions shall be unaffected thereby. Any ineffective provision or loophole shall be deemed to be replaced by such effective provision as most closely approximates to what the IRIS GROUP FZ LLE and the party placing the order would have agreed if they had detected the ineffectiveness or loophole.